Bespoke business support for Hull residents

Bespoke business support for Hull's residents supported by UKSPF funding.

This funding is to help those living in certain areas of the city to help them start or grow a business.

Free workshops, webinars and events with a focus on transferable business skills and knowledge to help develop business ideas, find a new job, or make a change in a career.

The business support package includes -

  • an allocated key contact
  • supported networking activities
  • tools and resources to help you with your idea
  • trained staff to help you access and use the tools and relevant resources
  • signposting and help to access other local support 
  • access to all BIPC services including interactive workshops, expert clinics, events and activities

Contact us for free business support.

How it works

  • Step 1 - contact us to discuss your needs
  • Step 2 - we will check your postcode to find out if you qualify for support with this funding
  • Step 3 - we register you on the project by completing a registration form
    • you will need to provide identification of your name, age, address, proof of unemployment (if applicable) and your right to live in the UK, details of your company such as name and company number
  • Step 4 - you will be allocated a key contact key contact to discuss next steps

Don’t worry if you do not qualify, we have access to other funding available to help you through our Business & IP Centre. We will give you details of what is available for you and help you to access it.