Here you can find out about some of the equipment in the makerspace.

Laser Cutter or Engraver

Model: HPC Laserscript LS6840
Software: Lasercut 5.3
File types: .ecp (Open) / .ai .dxf (Import)
Additional Information: 

  • bed size - 640mm x 480mm
  • using the LaserCut software you can engrave and cut the same job, to save time and money on your builds
  • we have a range of settings already worked out and on display by the machine, but if you have settings you want to share, then let us know
  • you can import files easily from Inkscape or Illustrator
  • our LS6840 allows us to engrave or cut a range of materials including -
    • acrylic
    • wood
    • card

3D Printers

Model: Ender 5 Pro
Software: Cura / TinkerCAD
File types: .stl
Additional Information:

  • Print bed size - [[220mm x 220mm x 300mm]]
  • Our latest addion to our printers is another large bed printer,  it is capable of high precision prints perfect for model making and prototyping. Simply upload your .stl to a memory card, plug it into the printer, press start and watch your designs come to life! 

Model: Creality CR-10
Software: Slic3r / Fusion360 / TinkerCAD
File types: .stl
Additional Information: 

  • print bed size - [[300mm x 300mm x 400mm]]
  • our largest printer, the CR-10 v3 is a workhorse. With its giant spools for long print runs and large volume allowing for everything from helmets, wearables, props and even industrial prototypes.

Digital Embroidery Machine

Model: Bernina B570 QE
Software: Bernina Embroidery Software 8, CorelDRAW SE
File types: .emb .art .jan .pes (Native) / .ai .dxf .cdr .eps .svg (Via CorelDRAW)
Additional Information: 

  • the B 570 QE is a genuine all-rounder that can sew and quilt. Additionally, our B 570 QE includes the optional embroidery module. The touchscreen makes changing from sewing to the embroidery mode a breeze
  • there are 50 embroidery designs to choose from, and you can upload your own embroidery designs via a USB connection. The designs can be edited right on the touchscreen. With up to 642 utility and decorative stitches, including an automatic buttonhole
  • the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) is designed to help you master free-motion techniques by keeping stitches consistent at variable sewing speeds

CNC Machine

Model: Oozenest Workbee
Software: Easel
File types: .ai
Additional Information: 

  • Our CNC is here to cut what the laser cutter can't. Custom built for the space it can be used for woods, metals and plastics. We have various sizes of endmill for cutting and engraving to get you started

Wide Format Printer

Model: Canon iPF6400SE
Software: n/a
File types: Any (We’ve found that .pdf works best to keep page size/ratio)
Additional Information: 

  • our wide format printer is capable of printing up to A1 quickly and easily, with the capability to print 610mm wide prints in lengths to suit you
  • we have a range of paper qualities and finishes that can be changed to suit your requirements
  • you can print any image through the Windows print manager but for documents - PDF files work best to keep your aspect ratio

Vinyl Cutter

Model: Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus
Software: Graphtec Pro Studio
File types: ai .eps .dwg .fs .cdr .svg
Additional Information: 

  • this large digital cutting plotter is capable of cutting coloured vinyl into window signage or smaller individual stickers. Multiple cutting jobs will be required to create designs with more multiple colours
  • we have a wide range of colours and backing tape available

Digital Cutter

Model: Cricut Maker 3
Software: Cricut Design Space
File types: .svg .dxf (Open) / .png.jpeg .bmp .gif (Import)
Additional Information: 

  • designed to quickly and accurately cut, engrave or emboss 300+ materials (from paper and fabric to leather and balsa wood).  
  • used for a variety of craft and art designs including paper folding and sculpting, engraving and embossing, cutting and stencil making.

Dye Sublimation Printer

Model: Sawgrass SG800
Software: Sawgrass Creative Studio Online
File types: Imports most image files
Additional Information: 

  • printing with dyes onto specialist paper this printer allows you to print photographs and designs that can be transferred onto other items with the heat press
  • based on the absorbing properties of polyester you can create - 
    • t-shirts
    • mouse pads
    • coasters
    • mugs