Membership fees and usage charges for MakerspaceHull allow the space to continue to operate and keep our machines in good working order.

Membership fees allow access to the space and includes fair use of most of the tools and equipment.

There is also an additional usage fee to use some of the premium equipment, this is because those machines can be expensive to run and require regular maintenance.

Remember that for your membership, you don't only gain access to the space, but also to the staff team whose knowledge and experience is included in your membership fee!

It is important to note that MakerspaceHull is a space for adults and all members must be 16 years of age at joining.

Membership type Daily Cost Monthly Cost Annual Cost
General member n/a £22 £242
Student or unemployed* n/a £11 £120
Day pass £11 n/a n/a

*Student or unemployed membership only upon production of supporting evidence.